Feb 26, 2010

Plein Air Painting in the snow.

Here you can see me walking around with my sketchbook like I always do.

I walk around with my sketchbook and a black ink pen doing a lots of thumbnails to try to find the right location for my painting.

Once I find the right location I set my easel up and start roughing out some lines with a Burnt Sienna conte.

Once I'm done with the first pass in conte I'll start applying some paint in the same color (Burnt Sienna). At this stage I paint very lightly.

Once I cover all my drawing up in paint I'll do a second pass. This time my paint will be a bit darker adding a touch of Burnt Umber into the mix.

Now you can see the painting really well. I did a third pass with just Burnt Umber deluded in oils to add more details and sharper lines. This concludes the Underpainting.

I did a second setting in the same location the next day to start adding colors on canvas but didn't have my good friend Jimmy taking photos that time.

The snow is now melted in the area and there is mud everywhere so I'm now forced to continue this painting in the studio. I will post more photos soon.

For those of you wondering why the canvas was so dark in the previous photos here you can see that I was under a bridge. Romantic non?

I would like to say thank you to my good friend Jimmy Robichaud for braving the cold weather with me!

All photos copyright Jimmy Robichaud


Jimmy Robichaud said...

Your blog looks very very good brian! I love the new style :)

Pablo said...

Thanks for posting your process Brian. It's always a pleasure to see how artists attack their subject matter.

Tony Mitchell said...

Really nice stuff broy !!You would be a great teacher. My only complaint is that I can really see the finish product well .Are you going to scan it then post again?

ps thanks for all the support !