Mar 19, 2010

Portrait Sketch's 5 to 15min


Nori Tominaga said...

beautiful. is it just burnt umber ? what brand? must try it myself

B Roy said...

Hi Nori,

Yes your right it's Burnt Umber with some Burnt Sienna and some white. The Brand is Vasari.

Anonymous said...

Brian you have a wonderful gift. This is amazing portraiture. You have a real knack for rendering images of people in a gorgeous style that sells . We are all artists down deep because all humanity doodles. Some of us are better doodles than others and that makes us artists . Your art far surpasses mine facially. You have the ability to present realistic faces that are full of beauty and compassion. These faces are perfect in execution and presentation. It’s easy to draw a face. The really hard part is to make that face glow with realism and some appearance similar to the original model of the portrait. Faces have always been my quandary. I paint well, but don’t have the magic spark of painting and drawing faces to perfection. Because I’m a perfectionist I want my work to have absolute precision. It’s an artistic Catch 22 and all Catch 22 scenarios are relative enigmas, facial art or not.